Humanitarian Parole Approved for US Entry to be with ill Mother

My name is Atash and I am currently a client at Niren & Associates.  Recently I re-applied for my Humanitarian Parole for entry into the United States.  This was in lieu of my pending Waiver Application case, which was in the hands of the USCIS at the time of my re-application.

Throughout this process, Laura Eaton was the direct contact under Fadi’s team who communicated the process and next steps as to how to best approach the matters.

My mother is currently in the United States suffering from cancer.  When Laura and Fadi became aware of the circumstances, they took immediate steps to process my case and provided the best direction as to how to process my work most efficiently and swiftly.

I can say my case for Humanitarian Parole was submitted and approved all within less than a week, and I had a piece of mind that Laura’s direction would be beneficial.  As this was my second application, there was some idea as to what to expect, yet Laura’s compassion as well as Fadi’s assistance and direction were all the most welcoming and the reason why I chose to stay with this firm.

Meanwhile, my pending Waiver Application was delayed approval.  Laura and Fadi were most persistent in following up with the USCIS as they were aware of the urgency of my circumstance.  Needless to say, when the approval of the Waiver Application arrived, Laura took the liberty to call me immediately with the wonderful news.  She was as ecstatic as I was, and her humanity along with professionalism was very comforting and warm-hearted.

When I will remain with this firm through the future in working on more cases, and am currently recommending family members to Niren & Associates, due to the service, compassion, and most of all trust that they entail.  I have had no regrets in my experiences with Niren & Associates thus far, thanks to Fadi, Laura, and the team that the law firm holds.  My family and I have much to be thankful for and it was made possible with their services.

Thank you,

Atash K

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