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Immigration Lawyers to help for Chicago

We help people throughout North America,

Our immigration lawyers have over 30 years experience and have successfully processed thousands of Canadian and US visa applications.

Our immigration team can help any client worldwide with any Canadian or USA immigration matter.

Recent Reviews About Our Lawyers

Niren and Associates

Kim and Ted
“Dear Mary and Amandine, We cannot begin to sufficiently express our tremendous gratitude to the two of you for all your excellent work that resulted in a successful work permit! We could not say thank you enough!!!!! Not only Ted, Paco and I, but everyone at the church and in the town who has supported the project is extremely excited and so eager for everything to begin. Definitely the success of the application will touch and improve the lives of well over 100 people. I mean this is a small, not-affluent town with basically no cultural or educational opportunities for people who can’t travel to larger centers, so this really is a great opportunity for everyone. I feel like you guys are almost magic! Thank you, thank, you thank you!!! If the ministry goes as well as we hope we will certainly look forward to working with you guys again when it comes time to apply to renew the LMO etc. Have a great weekend!!!”

Emelinda S
“Hello Mary, you have been very good to me and have been more than empathetic of my situation, to the point of feeling my pain and agony. I guess I don’t have to describe to you how I felt about my life away from my children, you can clearly see from my life story. You have done what you could and I really thank you for your effort and time. Your words of encouragement and empathy mean so much. And I wish to thank you for giving me the chance to plan to see my kids any moment I have the financial means. I really couldn’t thank you enough. Thank you once again Niren & Associates!!”

Tennant Lake
“Good news! I was in the position to obtain a three year TN visa with your help! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. You’ve provided me with help and support from the beginning of procedure to the end. I could not have completed it without your support. Many thanks for addressing all my last minute calls and all the counsel that you have given me on my application, that finally resulted in my success on the TN visa application by conquering all the hurdles. Your ideas regarding the resume, offer letter and advice on obtaining the company letter from all my previous employer letters have made a significant difference for my application. Many thanks again! And I really appreciated everything you and the chicago firm did for me and I am truly pleased and amazed with the services you and the firm has provided to me.”

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