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Immigration Lawyers for Houston

We help people  throughout North America and have  experience and have successfully processed thousands of Canadian and US visa applications.

Our immigration team can help any client worldwide with any Canadian or USA immigration matter.

 Reviews About Our Lawyers

Roger O
“Ms. Zhang, I am satisfied to report that I have just received today the decision on my waiver re-application in the mail. The decision was favorable, whereby I have been granted temporary access to the United States for two (2) years, effective from June 13th, 2011. It is unfortunate that it was not granted with a longer expiration date. Nonetheless, I will ensure to begin the re-application process well in advance of the expiration date of June 12th, 2013, to ensure we don’t experience any lapses as experienced during this most recent process. Based on the information that you have, please ensure to notify me should you determine a more suitable time when I should begin the re-application process. Again, my sincerest appreciation for the work and support that you and office have furnished to me in gaining this entry waiver. With sincerest appreciation.”

Rachid and Essma
“I am so happy and glad to hear about the decision that the panel has made Katherine. Me and my wife we would like to thank you so much for all the hard work you have done for us, from the preparation of the case to the wonderful work you did in court and all the work you have done after the court until the panel has made the decision to allow the appeal and set aside the removal order. After we have lived five years apart in two different countries, you helped us through your guidance setting aside the removal order and bringing hope into our lives to reunify our small family soon in the near future. Without the wonderful work you have done, we could have lost that hope facing tremendous hardship in the future for us and our child. We truly appreciate, and are grateful for all that you have done for us. With your help and effort everything was resolved. With much gratitude.”

Gayle Blanchard
“Just wanted you to know that I got the TN yesterday…consequently you’re 3 for 3! You can add that to your track record. It was the best birthday gift ever! If someone is looking for a houston immigration attorney, I am sending these folks your way. Many thanks!”

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