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*Our physical office is located in Toronto, Canada but we can help you anywhere !
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Immigration Lawyers to help NewYorkers

We help people throughout North America, s experience and have successfully processed thousands of Canadian and US visa applications.

Our immigration team can help any client worldwide with any Canadian or USA immigration matter.

Niren and Associates Reviews 

Ron T
“Hello Shabnam, Many thanks for your efforts in helping get Linda into the country. We had a fantastic reunion this weekend, and we are elated to be together again. We are now hopeful that things can stay this way. The customs officials gave her a bit of a hard time, and in the end seemed more concerned about her being a flight risk than they were about the DUI. But they let her in nonetheless. Your team has been absolutely wonderful with everything. I cant thank you girls enough!!!”

Gregg A.
“Hi Irene, Everything went pretty well. I got my E-1 visa last week and went to NYC immediately. Thank you so much. The visa is for two years. Best regards! “

Monica S.
“Hi Fadi, I received my TN1 status! The process was very seamless. The waiting time was about an hour. Once I was called up by the customs officer, they took a look at my documentation package and asked me to have a seat. I was called up again in about 10 minutes where I was told that I had received my TN1. There were absolutely no questions at all from their end, which I was very pleased about.I firmly believe that the documentation you put together was the key in me receiving my TN1 today with absolutely issues. Thank you very much for all of your help and prep!! All the best to you!”

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