British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

While normally it takes foreign workers who showed interest to work in Canada years to process their visa applications, some types of workers specially nominated by a participating province like British Columbia will be in better shape going through an expeditious visa process approval.

It is most advisable that you start your immigration process right from the start to prevent any trouble, delay, or in worse case scenario denial of your application, which may appear in your lifetime immigration record.

Since the program was introduced to intending immigrant workers, Niren and Associates Immigration Lawyers have assisted many satisfied clients in achieving their immigration objectives under a Provincial Nominee Program. Under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you may be eligible under one of two streams:

A. BC PNP Strategic Occupations Stream

Must have a job offer from an employer in British Columbia that cannot be filled by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and be either:

  • A Skilled Worker
    • Must have job offer in skill type 0, A, and B of NOC;
  • A Health Care Professional
    • Physicians, registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses and midwives
  • A International Graduate of a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution
  • A Semi-Skilled Worker in select tourism/hospitality occupations, and food processing occupations.

International Post-Graduates Pilot Project (ending on May 28, 2013)

International students who have obtained masters or doctorate degree in the natural, applied or health sciences from eligible, recognized BC institutions within the last two years may apply even if they have not obtained a job offer from a BC employer.

B. BC PNP Business Immigrants Stream

  • Applicants must intend to establish or purchase and expand a business in BC and meet the requirements of one of the three following categories:

(a) Applicants in the Business Skills Category must have:

  • Net worth of at least CDN $800,000;
  • Investment of at least CDN $400,000 to establish the eligible business;
  • Ownership of at least 1/3 of the equity of the business; and
  • A business plan to create a minimum of 3 new jobs for Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents

(b) Applicants in the Strategic Project Category must:

  • Make a minimum investment of CDN $500,000;
  • Create a minimum of 3 new jobs for Canadian citizens or PR;
  • Demonstrate that the nominee applicants are essential to the proposed business; and
  • Demonstrate that they have a record of good business practices.

(c) Applicants in the Regional Business Category must have:

  • A business project located outside the Vancouver and the Abbotsford Metropolitan Areas;
  • A minimum net worth of CDN $400,000;
  • A minimum investment of CDN $200,000;
  • A minimum ownership of 1/3; and
  • A business plan to create a minimum of 1 new job for a Canadian citizen or PR.


The business must provide economic benefit to BC by contributing to:

  • Increasing the exports of goods/services;
  • Increasing value-added manufacturing, processing, or primary resource activity;
  • Increasing BC tourism;
  • Increasing research and development and technology commercialization;
  • Creating innovative approaches to traditional businesses;
  • Servicing an unserved regional market; or
  • Transferring skills, technology, and know-how to BC

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