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Intra-Company Transfer in Canada

Canada’s Intra-Company Transfer program allows certain international employees to transfer from foreign satellite offices to Canada, helping to bring skilled workers to the northern nation in order to economically benefit the country. Though doing so does still require a work visa, it is a much more streamlined process than might otherwise be available. Not only […]

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The Benefits of a Charter Flight for Canadian Business Trips

Frequently, a charter flight is regarded as a personalized adaptation of first class travel. This is because these flights come with several benefits linked to this kind of luxury travel. While charter flights may be more expensive, depending on the size of the plane and the amenities, they are still well worth the price for […]

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Labour Market Opinion

Canada: How To Obtain A Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

How to obtain an LMO in Canada An LMO, or Labour Market Opinion, is something that companies must obtain before they can hire a foreign worker. LMOs can be obtained for a specific worker or position, or be a pre-approval for a series of positions. What an LMO does is ensure that there are no […]

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TN Visa for Corporate Immigration Client Approved

TN Visa approved thanks to Niren and Associates immigration law firm Here is a testimonial for our US Attorney Fadi Minawi regarding his handling of a TN Visa application on behalf of one of our corporate immigration clients. “Extremely thorough and informative. Fadi, walked me through all the different scenarios that were applicable for my […]

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Corporate Immigration Law Firm in Toronto: The Special Needs of Small Businesses

Corporate Immigration Law Firm in Toronto for small businesses This is our last installment of our Corporate Immigration Law Firm series. We have tried to cover the major issues affecting companies wishing to hire and transfer employees across borders. You can find our other blog postings dealing with issues about corporate employees here and HR professionals here […]

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Corporate Immigration Law Firm in Toronto: Dealing with the Employees and Conflict Issues

Corporate Immigration Law Firm in Toronto: Common issues In our ongoing blog series on corporate immigration law in Toronto found  here and here, one very important area facing corporate immigration law firms are issues of conflict. In most cases, representing companies in matters of cross border issues, employee transfers or hiring new foreign workers, it […]

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Labour Market Opinion Applications are Being Refused more Frequently

Labour Market Opinion applications are necessary to bring workers to Canada I have no statistics on this but, as predicted, the refusal rate for Labor Market Opinion (LMO) applications seem to be on the rise. With the downturn in the economy and more stringent regulations respecting LMO applications, foreign workers and their Canadian employers are […]

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Corporate Immigration Lawyer: Working with HR Professionals

How a Corporate Immigration Lawyer can help your company We have written about the role of the corporate immigration lawyer in dealing with applications for work permits and employee transfers to Canada and the US.  But in addition to handling the immigration “paper-work” , an equally important component to managing the movement of employees across borders […]

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The Corporate Immigration Lawyer: The Attorney's Role for US, Canada and Global Transfers

Employing foreign workers? You may need a corporate immigration lawyer In the age of NAFTA and globalization, companies are under pressure to move employees around the globe on a more frequent basis. From small companies on the growth path to international conglomerates, HR departments are having to find ways to efficiently transfer personnel across borders. […]

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