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False Accusation Results in Illegal Immigrant’s Arrest And Deportation

The Toronto Star published an amazing column this week detailing the ordeal of Brazilian immigrant Husteclaber Cardoso, and his subsequent deportation when his name was run by police after they were called to his door for absolutely nothing.  Husteclaber Cardoso came to Canada in 1993 on a visitor visa, which expired. Upon the visa’s expiry, […]

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FAQ: President Obama’s New Immigration Policy

As many as 1.7 million young immigrants without documentation who came to the US as children can now apply for work permits and two-year deportation deferrals thanks to an executive order issued by President Barack Obama in June, 2012.  There are, however, some misconceptions about this new policy.  Below are answers to five of the […]

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Border Patrol Budget Cuts: No Flights to Mexico

Border patrol is no longer sending illegal immigrants home on a free ticket. For the past 7 years, the US government has sent Mexicans caught crossing the border back to their home country, aboard a plane, but that is over now. Why the Flights Have Stopped Border patrol arrests have dropped drastically over the past […]

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Arizona welcomes refugees but hunts down illegal immigrants

Despite the state of Arizona’s recent proposed anti-illegal immigration law that was severely modified before being passed, Arizona is becoming known as a haven for refugees from war-torn countries like Iraq, Somalia and Myanmar. The famous Arizona law had dealt with illegal immigrants, but thousands upon thousands of legal immigrants and refugees are welcome in […]

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Thousands rally for Immigration Reform in United States

Immigration Reform in United States Rallies Over the weekend, thousands of people all over the United States rallied in cities like Las Vegas and Chicago demanding US immigration reform. Senate Majority Leader and Representative Shelley Berkley told the crowd that immigration reform was a top priority and that her vision of it would include more […]

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Obama's Heath Care Bill Passes but what about the Illegal Immigrants in the United States?

Illegal Immigrants in the United States left without health care Whatever you think about Obama’s Heatlh Care Reforms approved by US Congress yesterday, you have to feel for the millions of US illegal immigrants who will be left out in the cold. Canada has a long and controversial history of universal heath care that covers […]

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