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Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

Five Ways To Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

Immigration is a process that amounts to much more than simply paperwork. However, there is still a lot of paperwork involved, namely submitting your immigration application and supporting documentation. Your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer, who has many immigration applications they must review every day. If your immigration application is not up […]

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Despite Rumours, Canadian Government Says Immigrant Investor Program Will Not Be Cancelled

In late 2012 there were rumours circulating that Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney was planning on scrapping the Immigrant Investor Program and was thinking of legislating away the large backlog of applications similar to what he did with the Federal Skilled Worker Program. However, Postmedia News is reporting that the Minister does not […]

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Appealing Immigration Denials in Canada 2012

When you are notified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that your immigration application, whatever type of application it was, has been denied – it can come as a huge shock. It is especially disheartening if you have waited years for your application for immigration to Canada to be processed – as many do – only […]

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How to Renew a PR Card in Canada

A permanent resident card, or PR card, is also known as a Canadian green card. It is very similar to the United States green card, which is why it is referred to as such. It will allow someone to live and work in Canada as long as they make sure they maintain their permanent resident […]

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Reminders for Canadians Seeking TN Visas and L1 Visas for the United States

  New Option for Canadians who need a TN Visa for the United States Formerly, Canadians could apply for a TN Visa with the United States Customs and Border Protection and could only apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services with respect to a TN Visa if they were applying to extend the […]

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How to Appeal Against a Canadian Visa Refusal

If you’ve received notification of a Canadian visa refusal from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, it can be extremely distressing. Note that you do have options when it comes to appealing a Canadian visa refusal, however time is not on your side. You may only have a very short window of time in which to appeal […]

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permanent residence applications

Can An Immigration Lawyer Help With My Permanent Residence Application?

Permanent residence applications Applying for permanent residence in Canada is a very exciting time! Many of our clients ask us if we feel they need an immigration lawyer to help them with their application. Of course, we risk sounding a little bit biased. But listen to our reasoning below – after all, this is a […]

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Stories From Immigrants Stuck in the Waiting List

When we hear about the government legislating away the applicants on the waiting list, we only hear about numbers. The waiting list is 280,000 applicants long, and applications older than four years will be legislated away to the tune of $130 million in application fees refunded. After that, they’ll have to start over. But hopeful […]

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Canadian Immigration Officer Confesses To Accepting Bribes

A senior immigration officer in Toronto has admitted to accepting bribes from newcomers to Canada in exchange for status, according to this article. The immigration officer, George Gonsalves Barriero, worked in Toronto and since 2005 has been in charge of processing applications for permanent residency in Canada. Immigrants were offered status in exchange for thousands […]

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Government May Halt Skilled Worker And Immigrant Investor Programs

Government expected to announce possible pause on Skilled Worker applications today The Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Immigrant Investor Program were scheduled to start taking new applications on July 1st of this year even though both programs are in the middle of being revamped. Today, the government is expected to announce changes to the […]

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How To Fill Out An Immigration Form

How To Fill Out Immigration Forms

Filling out your immigration forms can be a daunting task, and sometimes you may not know where to even begin. If your immigration forms are incorrectly filled out or you miss some of the information, you can end up having your application denied! Immigration officers are swamped with a high number of applications to process […]

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Family’s Immigration Paperwork Lost In Mail, Faces Deportation From Canada

Humanitarian Grounds application never received, leads to deportation from Canada A family originally from Guinea faces deportation from Canada after their immigration paperwork was lost in the mail. After initially having their refugee claim denied, the family appealed on humanitarian grounds, which never made it to any immigration offices. Despite a new application being filed, […]

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Canadian Government Wipes Out 200,000 Waiting Skilled Worker Applications In 2012 Budget

2012 budget erases skilled worker applications that have been waiting processing for years The 2012 Federal Budget was announced yesterday, and along with getting rid of the Canadian penny, the federal government also did away with the current waiting list of 200,000 foreign worker applications. The workers’ application fees, totaling about $130 million, will be […]

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Immigration Applications going online. Beware

Seems like the Canadian government is catching up with the times. Many immigration applications are now going online which means applicants are instructed to complete them on the web rather than print them out, fill them in and snail-mail them to immigration centres. This online application approach of course has its obvious benefits: paperless process, […]

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Legal action filed against Ottawa for Canadian immigration backlog

According to this article from the Toronto Star, legal action has been filed against the Canadian government for taking too long to process immigration applications. Imagine filing a Canadian immigration application between 2004 and 2008, and still not having any word on whether the application was approved or denied – because they haven’t gotten to […]

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