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Immigration Consultants in Toronto fail to provide Immigration services to applicant

Dear Sir / Madam, I hope you are well and first of all wish you a very happy new year.     I got your reference from Ripoff Report website and wonder if you can help! I am living and working UK ( originally from India) and used a services of immigration consultants in Toronto Ontario*  for […]

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Hiring an Immigration Representative

Both the United States government and Canadian government have created complicated barriers to entering their countries. As the years go on, stricter immigration rules and regulations are introduced to make the process even more difficult. Sometimes entire immigration programs are overhauled, while in other cases the requirements that make someone eligible for a specific program […]

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Interested in Migrating from England to Canada?

Migrating from England to Canada is an exciting opportunity for people from the UK. Canada offers a diverse culture and a wide expanse of wilderness that is simply not available in the UK. However, before an English citizen can settle in Canada, they have to jump through a few immigration hoops. The Commonwealth England and […]

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Warning: Immigration Consultants who charge to review your immigration documents

I have noticed a disturbing trend in the immigration industry where immigration consultants offer  people “file review services” at low costs presumably to entice people to hire them for the “full” application later on. I have no objections to this approach as a means of  getting more business. But…. Review my immigration documents please   there is […]

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Comic-Con 2012: Remember Superman was an Immigrant

For all you comic book, movie and action figure fans, no better place to hang than Comic-Con  The convention this year is huge and allows us “grown ups” to be no so, well, grown up. I like super heroes, especially because many of them happen to be outcasts, minorities and misunderstood. Superman after all is an “immigrant” […]

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Hiring an Immigration Lawyer or doing it on your own. What option should you choose for your immigration application?

We have written extensively about this topic. How to choose an immigration lawyer; what information to ask a lawyer before hiring him or her; what to look out for etc.  The Canadian government itself though its immigration website at www.cic.gc.ca also has provided guidance on this topic. Overall its good information except that they say” […]

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Immigration Consultant in Toronto

What are the Requirements for an Immigration Consultant in Toronto?

Immigration consultants in Toronto Prospective immigrants have plenty of choice when it comes to who helps them with the Canadian immigration process, and one of those choices is to use an immigration consultant. An immigration consultant is different than an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer has completed years of schooling in law school and has […]

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H-1B Visas for 2013 cap is running out too quickly

It looks like employers and specialty workers are feeling the hustle and bustle of the race soon after the USCIS started accepting petitions for H-1B visas on April 2, 2012.  Because only 65,000 of this type of visa are allocated each fiscal year, candidates for H-1Bs may worry about the numerical cap. If you do […]

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How do I sponsor a worker for a US Green Card?

If you are a prospective employer of a foreign national whom you want to sponsor to become a US permanent resident on the basis of  a permanent job offer, you must carefully examine the multifarious process involved. Before you proceed to the first step you need to  ascertain whether your prospective employee will meet any […]

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Immigration Lawyer Charged By RCMP for Allegedly Coaching Clients To Lie

Immigration Lawyer allegedly encouraged clients to make up stories A Windsor immigration lawyer has been charged with fabricating evidence, counseling misrepresentation and misrepresentation by the RCMP following a police investigation that saw the lawyer and her assistant allegedly coach refugees to make up stories in order to stay in Canada. The full article can be […]

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Did you know it’s Fraud Prevention Month? Don’t become a victim of immigration fraud!

Don’t become a victim of immigration fraud in Canada Despite new regulations and restrictions implemented and proposed by the Canadian government over recent months, shady immigration consultants and other people attempting to abuse the system are still taking advantage of those who want to immigrate to Canada. Ways to prevent becoming a victim of immigration […]

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Refugee Claims in Canada – the luck of the draw?

Does the approval/denial of a refugee claim depend on which adjudicator’s lap your claim lands in? The CBC just posted an article that shows a disturbing trend in refugee claim approval rates. A York University assistant professor used the Access to Information Act to go over all of the Immigration and Refugee Board claims for […]

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Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren in Yahoo News

Yahoo News Canada recently published an article titled, “Should Canada’s immigration policy favour poor and oppressed or educated and rich?”, with commentary and debate from a number of immigration experts including our own immigration lawyer Michael Niren. He said: “Canada’s immigration history is based on family reunification. This means that a main objective in immigration […]

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Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren quoted in CBC News story on new Canadian Citizenship rules

Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren on Canadian Citizenship The story of the Canadian government potentially changing Canada’s historic tradition of birthright Canadian citizenship has caught the attention of many Canadians and is all over the media. Several media organizations have called on the expertise of our own immigration lawyer Michael Niren, who was quoted in a […]

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Our own Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren quoted in Yahoo Canada News article on Canadian Citizenship changes

Immigration lawyer Michael Niren quoted in Yahoo Canada News on rumoured Canadian Citizenship legislation changes This past weekend, our own immigration lawyer Michael Niren gave his two cents on the rumoured changes to Canadian Citizenship laws in this Yahoo Canada News Article. As we recently discussed on our blog, the Canadian government may remove birthright […]

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