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Our Toronto immigration law firm helped thousands of people worldwide with Canadian & USA immigration matters and we can help you too!

  • Our firm has been in business for close to 20 years
  • We are an award winning immigration firm
  • We have successfully processed thousands of visa applications

With our extensive knowledge and experienced immigration lawyers,  let us assess your eligibility and we will let you know what immigration option is best for you.

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What Our Clients Say:

“Great law firm, great lawyers. All I can say is “thank you” for getting my visa quickly. Your legal team helped me when other lawyers couldn’t. Your fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend Niren and Associates to anyone wishing to move to Canada or to the US.”

– Steve

“I want you to know how much I appreciated your quick response in arranging a US Border crossing package for me, to enable me to view the loading of the Torren livestock Carrier from Australia. I arrived at Lewiston Border on Dec 27th and was granted a B1 Entry to the USA until Jan 3, 2011. I give credit to Niren & Associates for the excellent work you did in preparing the US entry package, which allowed me entrance to the US.”

– Donald Walton

“Hi Laura, I just got back from US-Canada border and fortunately I got my TN-Visa. They absolutely liked the document preparation and said that I am well qualified to apply for this visa. As expected, they asked me about the diploma but I answered exactly what Irene told me to do. I really want to thank you and Irene for the support and help. Thank you Niren & Associates!!”

– Jee C

“I wanted to send out a hearty thanks to both of you for all the work you put into helping me secure my TN visa. It was a success! Although I was nervous and my heart was pounding right out of my chest, the customs officers were very nice and jovial and really didn’t ask too many questions – I’m assuming because all my paperwork was in order, so thank you!”

– Jennifer B