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Niren and Associates an Immigration Law Firm

Corporate Office In Toronto
20 Eglinton Avenue West (Suite 2202)
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4R 1K8
Telephone: 1-416-410-7484
Toll Free: 1-877-609-8774
Email: [email protected]

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About us

We help  people with immigration cases from all over the world and as well as  North America, with our main corporate office is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. However, we can serve anyone worldwide who is seeking to immigrate to Cananda or the USA.

Immigration law is Federal. Our law office has attorneys licensed to practice in both US and Canada immigration law. This means we can represent you no matter where you presently live. We do not practice any law that requires a specific State or Provincial license.

While, all Immigration legal work is conducted at our office in Toronto, Canada, we are totally accessible by phone, email, fax and video conference. The nature of immigration practice does not require the inconvenience of your physical attendance at our offices.

We represent clients throughout the United States, Canada and even overseas. Our office is equipped to handle all immigration and visa cases for you regardless of your current location.

However, should the need arise, we can always make arrangements for one of our local licensed lawyers to meet with you in person.

Why our Immigration Law Firm is Different

Niren and Associates primary goal is to assist you in getting you to where you have to go. Our Immigration and Visa applications are designed to convince immigration officers to grant you the necessary Canadian and US visa for crossing the border with ease and hassle free. Our job is to help open to the door so that you, your relative, friend or employee can live, work or study in Canada or in the USA.

We Get Results! Everyday we have success stories with helping people achieve their immigration goals. Contact us today for a professional, honest, no obligation assessment of your case.