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Immigration Lawyers for help in Boston

We have help people  through-out North America,

Our immigration lawyers have over 30 years experience and have successfully processed thousands of Canadian and US visa applications.

Our immigration team can help any client worldwide with any Canadian or USA immigration matter.

Reviews About Our Lawyers

Niren and Associates

Linda O
“Hi Shab, It was a little frightening but I got through immigration on Friday with a TRP valid until 31 July. Ron will scan and send the TRP to you first thing Monday morning and I presume we will have to get an application for an extension under way as soon as possible. It is absolutely wonderful to be with my husband. Thank you so much for you help so far. You and your team has done such a wonderful job taking care of me. Cant you thank you guys enough! “

Sonia S
“Hi Mary K & Amandine K, i chose Niren & Associates because I was immediately provided options with associated costs and timelines when I initially called to inquire about our business opportunities in the States. Flexible and quick response times was very much appreciated – critical when dealing realtime with multiple client demands. You provided timely, straight forward advice in a language that I easily incorporated into our estimate process and ultimately impacted our contract proposals. I would refer you to my friends and family who would need help in immigration things. Only one frustration. When you require a “standard” letter drafted by my company or client, please provide a softcopy example/template in Word format that outlines the content requirements and simply requires modification. “

Leland Alleson
“Michael & Shabnam, Thank you so much for your impressive turnaround on my need to enter Canada on incredibly short notice. Just 48 hours after retaining your services and providing you with the initial part of paperwork, I was landing in Canada together with my application for TRP in hand. One hour later I found myself riding the train to my hotel. Without having your assistance there is no chance I would have been capable of being present for my urgent business meeting there. I am not able to thank you enough and greatly appreciate the interest that you paid me. “

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